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Work planning
Quick Daily Plans and DevPlanner 2.0 - Everyday Work Satisfaction.
DevPlanner 2.0, personal planning and productivity tool, built on top of Extreme programming methodology, has been released. This release supports daily recurring tasks, floating and fixed schedules, simultaneous tasks and more to help being productive.
DevPlanner already proved as a leading tool for personal tasks estimating and tracking. "I'm using DevPlanner about a month, and can tell what I became more accurate estimator."– said Jim Irvin. "I feel what my sixth sense is living up with this simple, but yet powerful planning tool." – concluded Jim. DevPlanner is not a miracle tool. It just illuminates estimates and reality.
This release concerned on reducing time for planning. One click recurring tasks insert, automatic shifting floating and keeping time of fixed schedules save at least 25 percents on planning. Planning with DevPlanner is inexpensive: now it takes 5 - 7 minutes per day.
New version of DevPlanner contains improved report templates, thus users do not need to fill up their timesheets, weekly work reports and task lists by hands. DevPlanner generates them automatically.
DevPlanner is a shareware program and available for 30 days free at http://www.devplanner.com or http://www.devplanner.org.
About Fedorenko Company
Fedorenko is an independent software development and consulting company. Our competences are time management and productivity tools and technologies.
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