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Report templates

DevPlanner provides convenient way to reuse planning data and to build accurate project and weekly reports, timesheets, estimation reports, etc. To generate these reports automatically you need DevPlanner installed. Download now and use it for 30 days free.

Report templates are XSL documents, thus they can be easily customized to fit company design style and standards.

Here is a list of existing report templates. However, if you feel the need for another report, please tell us by email or via a contact form.

Mood map This report represents daily mood changes as colors. It helps illuminating biological rhythms and forecasting best time for specific work.
Daily Time Plan The report shows plans for a week with a day details.
Weekly Time Sheet This is a standard timesheet report. Shows time in, time out and meal break, as well as sickness and vacation. It calculates regular hours, overtime and weekly totals.
COB Status Report Shows percentage of estimated time spent daily. Contributed by Steve Truesdale.
Stage Estimation Shows tasks hierarchy with correspond estimation summaries and deadlines.
Stage Overestimation Shows plan changes: unplanned tasks and tasks overestimations.
Project Activity Shows estimations and time really spent, deadlines and completion dates for each task and subcategory of selected stage or project.
Project Time Summaries Calculates project summaries. Includes number of work days, hours taken by project tasks only, project presence in percents, estimation error and percentage over spend.
Weekly Work Review Provides detailed weekly work report. It shows tasks for specified period, time taken daily and totals. By Stew Stryker idea.
Weekly Tasks Review Simplified analog of previous report without grouping. Report allows concentrating on each task and detecting major delays. By Stew Stryker idea.
Completed Tasks For a Week Shows hierarchy of tasks completed within specified period as well as descriptions and completion dates.
Completed Tasks Shows hierarchy of completed tasks for a specified project as well as descriptions, completion dates, original estimations, time spending and actual hours under/over spend. This report is very useful for training estimating skills.
To-do Tasks Shows plain list of remaining tasks for selected project, with correspond priority, estimation and deadline.
Project Tasks Shows plain list of all tasks for selected project, with correspond priority, estimation, time spent and deadline.

Contributions are welcomed. Please submit new or modified reports, or just an example to reports@devplanner.com.

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