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Stop spending time on weekly reports.
DevPlanner simplifies procedure of preparing time reports by introducing a little improvement to usual work.
Major update of DevPlanner released. This tool includes many new optimized report templates. Now preparing and customizing reports can be accomplished much faster. Our customer Dmitry Manich told: "For me tracking of my working time and preparing weekly reports for my boss was a pain. For year of my work in this company I spent at least 50 hours for such reports. Thanks DevPlanner, now I can prepare same reports in few seconds."
DevPlanner can generate weekly reports for mangers. These reports include information about all tasks and all categories working on specified week by each team member. There are project reports those allow controlling progress of specified project, stage or iteration. Even report for reviewer or tester exists. It helps checking completed tasks by worker for specified period.
To achieve these goals DevPlanner introduces a little improvement to usual work. Worker must replace any tasks lists used before with this simple tool. DevPlanner can extract a lot of useful information from such activities. "DevPlanner helps me seeing how many hours spent on each task or category," said Dmitry Manich.
This product can be used as simple to do list or daily planner. Possibilities to group, sort and filter tasks makes work easier. Planning only desired tasks each day helps selecting and doing most important first.
DevPlanner 1.4 costs $43.00 for a single-user license. Volume discounts are available.
For more information and to download the evaluation copy, visit our Web site at: http://www.devplanner.com
About Fedorenko Company:
Fedorenko is an independent software development company. Our competences are in time management and productivity tools and technologies.
Alexander Fedorenko
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