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Planning Can be Faster with Drag-and-Drop.
Recent survey of office employees by Alexander Fedorenko, independent analyst and business consultant, shown what people whose day begins with planning can additionally benefit using drag-and-drop.
The examination of 57 employees from 3 trading companies for specific software usage time uncovered interesting results: people who used drag-and-drop to move or copy files spent up to 9 percent less time working with file managers than people who used other techniques. Leon Zaida, one of participants, told:  I like drag-and-drop technique because it is similar to real life actions: it is like moving a book from the table to the briefcase. 
"Success of the first experiment directs us to another one: benefits of using drag-and-drop in personal planning,  said Alexander Fedorenko. The three weeks showcase illustrated with DevPlanner, personal planning and estimating tool, shown good results. Same people as above participated in the experiment. Before starting they all promised what they never used tools like DevPlanner.
Alexander, author of the survey, explained the experiment saying,  In the first week of study, we call it educational week, we were not measuring anything: people just tried to plan their days with DevPlanner. For first two weeks we restricted drag-and-drop support in DevPlanner to better understand their benefits or our pitfalls. In the second week of experiment we were measuring time of planning with DevPlanner. It was about 20 minutes per day for each employee. In the last week of experiment we turned on drag-and-drop support in DevPlanner and repeat measuring. Results were not consistent, but in average, time of DevPlanner usage reduced to 16 minutes per day. 
Detailed analysis of study shown, what 67 percent of questioning people benefit from drag-and-drop, 28 percent of people are insensitive to this feature and 5 percent tell what whey do not like personal planning at all.
DevPlanner is a shareware program and available for 30 days free at http://www.devplanner.com.
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