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DevPlanner Adopted for Professional Windows Script Developers.
Recent survey of advanced system administrators about common daily tasks helps identify time reserves and its manageability. Survey results were incorporated into the DevPlanner new plan template for Windows Script Developer.
DevPlanner already provides planning templates for Software Developer, Web Developer and Quality Assurance Engineer. New version helps Windows Script Developers enjoying community of organized people and start planning a day with DevPlanner.
"For me, planning a day was like a mystery. I though what I do not have to plan anything of my workday, just doing my work and things what my boss told me to do. Looks like this approach affected all of my life: I can't plan my evenings, I can't plan homework, I even can't tell my family about vacations. I'm always waiting for unpredictable situations while I'm out of office. But my life is changing after I decided to manage my time and my life." - said Gennady Borsenkov, system administrator and Windows script developer from Altsest Ltd in Ukraine.
Similar work and similar tasks usually have to do advanced system administrators from day to day. Without searching for something new, daily work becomes simply the groove and can't provide a confidence for better life or career perspectives. The only way to change things for better is driving life time to defined goals. DevPlanner helps building plans and tracking time and progress.
With a new DevPlanner planning template Advanced System Administrators and Windows Script Developers can quickly adopt daily planning to their lives, find out possibilities to learn something new and get a sufficient piece of satisfaction from the list of completed tasks.
DevPlanner is a shareware program and available for 30 days free at http://www.devplanner.com or http://www.devplanner.org. Registered version costs 43 US dollars. Also for educational trainings available free licenses, additional details can be found at http://www.devplanner.com/order.html.
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Fedorenko is an independent innovative software development company. Our competences are time management, project management and productivity tools and technologies.
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