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DevPlanner Helped Web Developer to Earn Additional 50$.
DevPlanner Helps Web Developer Earning Additional 50$
Recently registered DevPlanner user earns additional 50$ to her usual monthly income from professional web development services. She said what DevPlanner helped achieving this.
"For a year of my professional career I just now found a way to realize additional profit and the only reason is personal planning with DevPlanner", - said Anna Zayda, professional web developer from PMbrain.com.
DevPlanner already two years on the market and continue helping developers organize their daily work. One of the benefits of using DevPlanner is possibility to define and estimate all possible tasks. But only most important and profitable tasks can be placed to a daily schedule. This simple rule helps Anna Zaida, as well as many other software and web developers around the world who used DevPlanner, earning more.
"I'll tell You a secret: usually I have a lot of non-profitable daily work, with DevPlanner I can concentrate only on needs of my customers. Last month I understood what I can develop more while reducing time on unimportant and usually not required tasks. I take an additional work what increases my income on 50 bucks." - concludes Anna.
Anna Zaida can be reached at http://www.pmbrain.com or via email anna@pmbrain.com.
DevPlanner is a shareware program and available for 30 days free at http://www.devplanner.com or http://www.devplanner.org. Registered version costs 43 US dollars. Also for educational trainings available free licenses, additional details can be found at http://www.devplanner.com/order.html.
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