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Rapid Task Entry in DevPlanner Improves Time Management Experiences
New version of DevPlanner, time-management and planning software, brings the way of rapid task entry for saving time on planning and better concentration.
Latest two releases of DevPlanner concerned on improvements in task entry. On the one side it minimizes time for planning, on the other side it prevents forgetting ideas before they are entered to the tasks list. Improvements in task entry are invaluable for making work breakdowns, then huge amount of tasks must be entered.
Rapid task entry improves productivity by assigning new task to another category without the need to exit a task card. "For me task entry is one of time consuming and groovy work in planning. This is very important to be able entering tasks quickly without interruptions. I can sort, prioritize and filter tasks, as well as easily select most important to work on. In addition, work breakdown is the only way to make correct estimates. Building estimates closer to reality is a vital skill for managers of any business. With rapid task entry possibility of forgetting a task while entering minimized." - said Alexander Fedorenko, experienced IT project manager and author of DevPlanner.
Rapid task entry improvements are quite simple but very powerful. Additional button new stores entered task and immediately opens blank for a new task. It saves only few clicks, but the power of this trick relied to holding attention. This simple step prevents other already entered tasks drawing away concentration. In conjunction with category selection from the task card it helps entering all tasks from the short term memory of our brain.
DevPlanner is a shareware program and available for 30 days free at http://www.devplanner.com or http://www.devplanner.org. It can be downloaded directly from http://www.devplanner.com/downloads/DevPlanner.exe.
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