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Color of Mood Can be Measured
New major update of DevPlanner, personal planning and productivity tool, includes possibility to measure emotional state using mood colors map.
There is a known fact what color can orchestrate our mood and vice versa: almost any emotional state can be represented in colors. For example red color usually associated with power and energy, green color is a sign of safety, yellow is a color of joy, happiness and intellect.
Experience shows what our emotional state repeated from time to time because of biorhythms or other recurring events. This dependency can be considered as a powerful tool for planning important tasks to the right time. For example if we found what every Monday morning we are fresh and full of strength, this time can be scheduled for important and creative work, not for routine.
New version of DevPlanner allows tracking mood by selecting appropriate colors in the moods list then emotional state changed. This simple procedure allows building highly powerful emotions history diagrams as a moods map. While comparing moods map for two weeks visually we can notice some sort of mood recurrence and use this time for appropriate tasks. We can also found dependency of bad or good mood with situation at that time. Some times it is helpful to simply assume what we will be in same emotional state today like it was in the same day of a previous week. This technique is also known as emotions programming or "yesterday weather".
Almost every one has its own unique associations of colors and moods. DevPlanner allows modifying predefined set of colors and building personal list of colors and emotions.
DevPlanner is a shareware program and available for 30 days free at http://www.devplanner.com or http://www.devplanner.org. Registered version costs 43 US dollars.
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